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Personal Private Services

Is your partner, husband, wife, seeing someone else?  You may be away from home or you may have separated or divorced. Confirmation could be of interest or it could be crucial to court proceedings or negotiations with your partner.

The best way to find out is surveillance.  This is an expensive option, but is the only means to find out what is really going on, where they are going, what they are doing, who they meet, backed up with video evidence where possible.
If there is an affair, the photographic evidences cannot be denied when presented directly to your partner, or in court.

When making enquiries, we need to know where surveillance is to take place.
Third Party Investigations

Once you suspect your wife or husband is seeing someone else.  We can not only help to find that person but also carry out background checks to examine their past history and present employment, income level, house value or rent, interests, pastimes and contact details for you.

ADULTERY EVIDENCE once confirmed can lead to convincing the Court that your marriage has irretrievable broken down. The Petitioner must prove that one or more of the following actions consisting of Bigamy, Polygamy and Co-habitation are Committed. The Petitioner initially requires evidence that the respondent has committed adultery and secondly, that He/She finds it intolerable to live with the Respondent. Unreasonable Behaviour requires the Petitioner to prove that as a result of a certain course of behaviour on the Respondent’s part; He/She cannot reasonably be expected to continue to Live with Him/Her. In a divorce proceeding, the parties may apply for Maintenance, Custody of Children and make a claim for a share of the Matrimonial Asset.

At UIC, we are specialists in the ultra sensitive area of divorce investigations and cheating spouse investigations. In these circumstances, where there is a suspicion of unreasonable conduct, hard facts are needed and mere suspicion leads to ongoing mistrust.

There are always situations in which we are instructed as part of Taiwan divorce proceedings in order to investigate conduct and assets, and we work closely with specialist divorce and matrimonial lawyers to maximise results for clients, as part of a comprehensive matrimonial investigation.

The divorce and matrimonial services we provide include:

  • Surveillance
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Mobile phone investigations
  • Computer forensics investigations
  • Asset tracing and hidden asset investigations

Our divorce investigators are fully trained, experienced and proficient both in obtaining evidence, preparing reports and in giving oral evidence in court should the need arise. We understand that investigation of personal issues can be painful and distressing and we are sensitive to those issues in working for our clients.

Transparency on costs is also vital whether in cheating spouse investigations, property and assets investigations or generally in divorce and/or matrimonial investigations. Please contact us for a discreet initial assessment of your case.

Locaing persons and establishing the whereabouts of Missing Person include Abscond Debtors, Witnesses, Friends, Relatives and Runaway Children and Serving of Summon.

At UIC, there are many circumstances in which our investigators are instructed to trace, with the common thread being a need to definitively locate a person, and quickly. Our services as people finders are often engaged in the following circumstances :

  • Tracing debtors
  • Adoption related people finder services
  • Missing beneficiaries
  • International tracing
  • Pension tracing

The above circumstances can vary from an un-located beneficiary being divested a sum under a will to a debtor deliberately seeking to go underground. In the latter case, standard database checks will often not suffice, and our investigators have the skills and experience to understand the mindset of deliberate absconders and how to find them quickly and definitively. Consequently, we have established a reputation for locating individuals that others cannot.

We offer a fixed fee, no trace-no fee service, and our people finder services are regularly used by leading property companies, solicitors, accountants and Insolvency Practitioners. Our results speak for themselves.

Please contact us now for an immediate confidential discussion or further details.

We can conduct worldwide searching for your need with our associates and partners all over the world.

Corporate services

Executive & Key Staff Profiles

In considering the employment of an individual or a person you wish to do business with, you will be interested in checking his stated personal background. These checks provide an invaluable and objective insight into validation of residence, house value or amount of rent, reputation, past employers, pastimes, studies, verification of qualifications and business activities.

Due Diligence / Business Intelligence

We can try to probe prospective interlocutors companies and their directors and staff. Before engaging with unknown business contacts and committing your company to an untried relationship you will want to check company records, location(s), size, performance and activities. We provide the background to companies and their directors so you can make informed decisions.

Litigation Support

If you are engaged in a legal action or are contemplating such you will want to know about your adversary’s job, wealth, or lack of it, his financial status, reputation and personal and business interests. Do they have weaknesses? Are they vulnerable? We’ll be glad to offer you more information which may help your case with any necessary damage control.

Piracy & Patent Aggrieve

Nowadays, we live in the world of globalization; the protection of intellectual property (brand / patent protection) has already become the most important issue of every corporation worldwide. When specific piracy or patent aggrieving problem occurs, the only thing victim companies can do is to fight back. That’s why we offer, as your request, to collect precise evidences by digital recording of voice & video, or any other kind of which can be presented when in court.

Corporate Security (Information and Analysis)

We offer protection or investigation services for corporate crimes (industrial espionage, embezzlement, fraud, sexual harassment, extortion, etc.) Thorough our investigations you can be protected in absolute confidentiality and safety. We also offer necessary lessons for your staffs to improve their sence with security matters in various entries, please always feel free to contact us for more details.

Executive Protection Service

Comprehensive bodyguard services for any VIP’s private matter of business, governmental, or the celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports can be professionally handled by veteran law enforcement officers, or former specialists of National Security as guard-services of the president, or other governmental officers.

Surveillance & Shadowing

The experienced former law enforcement staff with the most sophisticated equipment ensures discreet and high-level of surveillance and shadowing. With different surveillance type in Stationary Surveillance, Moving Surveillance or Electronic Surveillance. Almost all Investigative Work is in combinations of the above in order to gather and establish the crucial Information(s) on Person(s) on their daily Movements and Activities. Evidence / Information collected is usually used in Preventive / Protective Measures, Negotiation, Private Settlements, Compensation or Enforcement Action.

Confidential Security Matters

Developing comprehensive security programs tailored to the need of corporate management and support staffs. Through useful tactics of Gathering, Compiling, Analyzing and Interpreting Information on a Specific Product, Target, Market or Subject matter which is crucial to the Client for Strategic Planning Purposes. The process of gathering the Information can involve Market Survey, Competitor Intelligence and Research from Primary and Secondary sources.

UIC could help our clients conduct the deployment of a low profile Investigation Team to work within the Company System as employees using the most sophisticated surveillance equipments for successful litigation, or some more other demands.

Our undercover agents help locating Infiltrate and Identify suspects as well as gathers evidence for Prosecution. They will undergo the routine of performing their task as well as familiarizing themselves with problematic employees so as to Trace / Track Key Suspects with accuracy.

We offer a consultancy service to insurance houses, brokers and underwriters to assist in the investigation of personal injury, motor vehicle and household insurance claims. We are experienced at working alongside claims staff within an insurance company to assist or take the lead in investigations.

In general with insurance claims, hard facts are required, which often involves utilizing our surveillance expertise. In most cases requiring investigation, if the facts asserted by the claimant are not found to be entirely bogus, the question turns to whether the insured is seeking to exaggerate the financial loss, which is tantamount to fraud. We are proud to say that our experienced surveillance operatives and fraud investigators are at the vanguard of the fight against bogus and/or inflated insurance claims.

Our services are 100% more tailored to your needs. We aim to work as an efficency team with debt collection solutions can be provided to businesses either in the Taiwan, but with a GLOCAL reach.

Before engaging a debt collection project, we will always try to ensure that you are clear upon the terms of business & charging structure. With only minimum fixed service fee charging, and acceptable commission rates. We can ensure your case operated in a most efficency way with maximum cash for your recovery expections.

We set high standards and pride ourselves on providing an effective, efficient and ethical service. UIC has over 23 year’s debt recovery experience, and satisfied customers include major supermarkets, accountancy practices, and companies in the Taiwan, or many foreign corporations’ Taiwan branches. Our core strength is our personal service – providing successful mediation, dispute resolution and installment planning for debt recovery.

If you’re interested in improving cash flow, please feel free to contact us for a quotation right now!!

What we do as a standard procedure for collecting your money.

Debt Collection:

  • Legal Action Debt Recovery
  • Specilists / Agents for collecting
  • Letters Before Action (LBA)
  • Company Searches
  • Credit Reports / Debtors Locating
  • Credit Control Services
  • Company Formations
  • Process Serving
  • Insolvency Specialists
  • Face to Face Debt Recovery
  • Creditors Meetings
  • Online Case Report / Status Update

Asset Tracking
Most litigants who are always unsuccessful in attempting to recover debt fail because they embark on costly litigation without the full picture of the assets ultimately available. But, by accurately tracing the debtor and establishing a fuller picture we could ensure our clients to increase their chances of successful recovery of debts, owed both by companies and individuals.

In some cases, an individual debtor will have ‘gone underground’ and will be actively evading payment and any contact with our clients. It is at this point that our services are engaged, as specialists in locating individuals and confirming their identity and financial status.

Following a confirmation of identity, we are able to start an asset-tracing process, to evaluate current assets available for satisfaction of the debt. We are experienced in tracing assets held offshore, in other European countries and globally.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Welcome to Unity credit investigation (UIC) Inc., the most famous corporate / private Investigators, and risk management consultants, based in Taipei, Taiwan. Our team are also covering the PRC & eastern Asia, with contacts & associates worldwide services which tailored our clients’ needs…

We established in 1984 as the biggest local active information collecting services in Taiwan, with more than 300 professional field agents, most of whom were former law enforcement agents or experts skilled in various fields of your needs. We also have bilingual agents in several main languages for your serving. With direct access to a nationwide network Taiwan and China, our different kinds of investigators with military SF, intelligence agency relevance and with law enforcement experiences.

As not only the best investigative and security services but also a thorough understanding of the language and cultural factors, we sure can offer best services to satisfy all of our non-Chinese clients’ concerned. We’re very glad to quote our service fee and estimated complete time prior to service begins.

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